Raimondas Lencevicius

Let's start with a little story:

Walking along a crowded sidewalk a wanderer noticed an old man with a bottle in one hand and a wooden bowl in the other, sitting against a wall and shouting, "Alms for the thirsty!" As the wanderer approached, the man took a long drink and repeated his plea.

Reaching into his pocket, the wanderer pulled out a coin and placed it in the bowl. Instead of the usual response - thank you, bless you, or mere silence - the man peered up and said, "Remember one thing, boy. Zen is not a philosophy. Zen is not a religion. Zen is just a damn attitude."

The wanderer laughed and said, "Thank you."

This again was shamelessly stolen from the FULL EL DUPREE FAQ - may the Sombrero fit his head!